County pulls out of measures to control grasshoppers

Efforts to curb populations of coyote, wild board remain

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Grasshoppers are no longer under control measures by Big Lakes County.

However, programs to control coyotes and wild boar will continue.

At its regular meeting Oct. 25, council approved a recommendation to authorize the Agricultural Service Board to no longer offer grasshopper control services.

The grasshopper control policy of the county and ASB was last revised in July 2011.

In supplying residents with product under the current policy, the county is acting as a vendor without a vendor licence,” writes Vic Abel, director of public works, in a report to council.

In giving out product, the county assumes liability for the results of use.”

Council also passed a recommendation from Abel to adopt a new policy to control coyotes.

The proposed policy follows provincial legislation dictating coyote control,” Abel says.

Council is concerned over the coyote problem.

Control of coyote populations to reduce predation is a priority for Big Lakes County Agricultural Services Board,” Abel says.

These guidelines are set out by the province and following them ensures that Big Lakes County can retain the tool of toxicants and snares continue to be a responsible partner in coyote management.”

Previously, the county did not have a policy to provide guidelines and procedures to control coyotes.

Council further approved a recommendation to participate in the provincial wild boar bounty program, which has been extended to March 31, 2018.

In 2014, the province implemented the program which provides a $50 bounty for each set of ears turned in by participating municipalities.

Big Lakes County matched the bounty for a total of $100 for each set of ears turned in, Abel says.

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