County plants new trees to celebrate Canada’s 150

A plaque to commemorate new trees planted by Big Lakes County was unveiled Sept. 15. Left-right, are Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee, Tree Canada adviser Sheila Flint and Big Lakes County Reeve Ken Matthews.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Several new trees planted by Big Lakes County to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada were showcased in a ceremony Sept. 15.

Funding was granted to the county from Tree Canada in the Tree to Our Nature program to revitalize the main site of the county with diverse trees.

Many of the pre-existing mayday trees in front of the administrative building were lethally impacted by black knot disease, new trees of a diverse variety to avoid future extensive tree removal.

By this program, the county could remove mayday trees and plant a diverse stand of trees to avoid future tree removal,” Reeve Ken Matthews says.

These native trees, and some specific ones, like lodgepole pine and white birch, have cultural significance to our First Nations residents and neighbours, who built homes, ate, and got medicine from those trees.”

The county planted about 20 trees, which also included maple, white spruce, mountain ash, pincherry, hawthorne and Saskatoon seedlings.

This year, Tree Canada received enough funding from the Government of Canada to support 150 tree-planting projects across the country, including at least one in every province,” says Sheila Flint, adviser with Tree Canada.

Although each of the tree-planting events will be unique, they are all tied together by common themes.”

Each planting has a native maple tree to represent Canada, the appropriate provincial or territorial emblem tree and a symbolic First Nations tree.

Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee also endorsed the program.

By planting a diverse range of native tree species, we’re helping to make the green space more resilient,” Larivee says.

If all of one species gets wiped out by disease, the rest of them will remain.”

CN is also a sponsor.

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