Council working on new trash plan

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Concerns over the future of garbage pickup in High Prairie are being addressed behind the scenes by town council.

Starting Dec. 3, Green For Life Environmental will be picking up trash. The company has already dropped off bins in town in preparation for the change.

The move does not come without change. There is now a limit per household to fill a single 65-gallon container each week. Previous, there was no limit to pickup.

“I know people are going to be choked,” said Councillor Donna Deynaka. “Those alley dumpsters won’t be there any more.”

Town CAO Brian Martinson says a plan is being finalized for residents who need additional trash collected.

“The idea is citizens in town can buy an extra tag for $5,” says Martinson.

The plan, yet to be approved by council, would include trash or grass clippings in the spring and summer.

As for white goods, Martinson says the town is asking citizens to hold onto them until next spring. Council is working with Big Lakes County on an upgrade at the Gilwood transfer station to make it a year-round facility open to town residents.

“We are negotiating,” says Martinson.

The plan is also to no longer hold the spring Pitch-In Week, and instead divert those funds to the Gilwood site.

All proposals and tentative fees are subject to council’s final approval.

In the meantime, it is hoped the new trash limit will promote residents to recycle more.

“We are trying to get people to recycle more,” says Martinson.

The changes were prompted when Clayton Stewart gave council one month’s notice of termination of the contract. Council sent out proposals and received two bids: Green For Life, from Slave Lake, and Prairie Disposal, from Grande Prairie.

Prairie Disposal’s proposed rate was $12.75 per unit per month compared to Green For Life’s $6 – more than double. Council quickly approved the cheaper bid because of price and the fact they had to have someone ready to provide the service.

Green for Life’s contract increases three per cent each year. The contract is for five years.

As a result, the rates to pick up trash will eventually increase just over 15 per cent to $6 per month from $5.20.


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