Council honours Tolko

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Welcome to Tolko Crescent!

It’s now the honourary name given to one of the crescents in the Cornerstone development area north of E.W. Pratt High School.

Council approved the request at its Sept. 11 meeting after Tolko’s human resources advisor, Bronwyn Dunphy, e-mailed Mayor Brian Panasiuk with the request, noting that Tolko built four houses and bought another in the area.

The gesture is symbolic and has no legal meaning.

The only concern council expressed was renaming the area after it was a local businessman, Darrell Shewchuk, who first started building at Cornerstone, said Councillor Donna Deynaka.

“[Shewchuk] had a vision before anyone else,” added Councillor Michael Long.

It was briefly considered renaming the second crescent after Shewchuk but council felt they should first ask for permission.

“Someone should ask Darrell if it’s OK,” said Councillor Brian Gilroy. “It would be nice if he was asked first.”

Part of the reason the renaming is only symbolic is because legally naming streets after people or places instead of numbers can be confusing to first responders.


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