Council getting tough on trash bins

High Prairie residents who leave their waste receptacles on the street one day after pickup day, are now subject to a $100 fine.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A new bylaw will be hitting High Prairie taxpayers in the pocketbook who are not diligent in their duties.

High Prairie town council passed a bylaw at its March 26 meeting ordering citizens to remove their trash bins by 7 p.m. Tuesday or face a $100 fine.

The bylaw passed with little discussion.

The Green for Life waste receptacles came to town in December 2018. Garbage pickup is each Monday.

However, problems have arisen with people leaving the receptacles on the street.

“Since that time a problem has arisen with residents not removing the receptacles in a timely fashion,” reads a report from town peace officers. “This problem is unsightly and could create a hazard for drivers.”

Town public works crews also have to drive around them during snow removal.

The bylaw reads as follows: “No person shall allow a waste receptacle to remain on municipal property [roadway, boulevard, alleyway or sidewalk] for more than 24 hours following pickup day. Commencing at 7 p.m. the following day of pickup enforcement can take place.”

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