Council foots bill for latest BSN meeting

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Lunch was on High Prairie town council for anyone attending the Business Support Network meeting Sept. 28.

Council, which approved to foot the bill for lunch at its Sept. 26 meeting, agreed to pay up to $300 for the meal.

My question is, why would we feel the need to sponsor a lunch?” asked Councillor Donna Deynaka, who was the only councillor to vote against the motion.

Councillor Debbie Rose saw value in the meeting, adding it was difficult for people to attend the noon meetings and not be provided with a meal.

It’s not a terrible amount of money to spend on lunch,” she said.

Councillor Brian Panasiuk agreed.

I’ve heard lots of good things from people who have attended them,” he said, “so that’s not a question.”

I’m all in favour,” added Councillor Michael Long. “I’m all in favour. I think it’s money well spent.”

I’m for it,” added Councillor Arlen Quartly. “It’s small – $300. It’s a meal where [the businesses] will benefit.”

Rose reminded council it also was only a one-time sponsorship.

Mayor Linda Cox and Councillor Brian Gilroy were absent.

The meeting attracted only seven people, including the BSN co-ordinatror, guest speaker and media.

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