Council approves LED lights

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

If all goes well, all streetlights in High Prairie will be converted to light-emitting diode [LED] before the end of summer.

And, says ATCO Electric, town taxpayers will pay less money in the long run.

Amanda Mattern, ATCO’s customer service supervisor from Slave Lake, attended the meeting with a presentation. If lights are switched to energy saving LED, says Mattern, the savings on electricity to each light will be about $2 per light, or $800 annually, even with a 7.1 per cent multiplier fee added onto the bill.

“If energy costs spike…you should see more of savings,” said Mattern.

At a meeting on Nov. 22, 2016 Mattern told council there are 376 streetlights in town.

Council had few questions during the presentation, the first being how quickly they had to sign to take advantage of savings this year.

“If you do sign…if you do it right away…we hope to start this year,” said Kathy Gill, ATCO’s High Prairie customer service representative.

Mattern estimated the multiplier to stay on for 3-5 years, depending on installation fees, yet to be determined.

When enough money is paid off through the multiplier fee, it comes off the town bill.

Mattern estimates it would take ATCO about “three weeks to one month” to complete the job once it begins.

ATCO’s offer came about after the Alberta Utilities Commission earlier approved the implementation of multipliers, which paved the way for communities to install the lights sooner than later at no capital cost.

It was an offer council couldn’t refuse and approved unanimously.

“It seems almost too good,” said Mayor Brian Panasiuk during debate.

“You’ll see a big savings in 3-5 years…and it will be five,” he added.


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