Clegg’s Corner – Thoughts on problems at Tim Hortons

Chris Clegg,
Editor, South Peace News
I am still confident that fans of Tim Hortons will be sipping their favorite coffee at a High Prairie store before the end of the year.

The most recent delay is frustrating for people wanting to line up to order their Double Double. For me, I look forward to their chili and will probably enjoy it at least twice a week.

Of course, the odd Boston Cream doughnut will find its way into the office!

The most frustrating aspect of the ongoing problems the Tim Hortons builder has encountered is not knowing what is going on behind closed doors.
No matter how much hair a reporter may pull out, or how anxious the public is for information, it is exactly the way it should be.

Whether we like it or not, the builder has every right to disclose as much information as he/she wants. Sometimes, it is franchise policy to say very little despite the builder’s wishes.

“We do not report on restaurant openings,” the Tim Hortons Media Relations Team e-mailed me on Sept. 15, 2016 after an inquiry.

A few weeks ago, I tracked down the agent representing the builder in Calgary, and she told me she was sworn to say nothing.

Fair enough. She respected my job to ask the questions and I respected her client’s right to privacy.

Even town employees are caught in an awkward position. They are also sworn to secrecy on such matters, and can’t divulge information to their neighbours over the property line fence while enjoying a cool one.

It may be beneficial for the builder to discuss the project, as it amounts to free advertising. Tim Hortons stories regularly run on our front page because it is big news. Tim Hortons is an iconic franchise.

That is not the point, however. Every time a builder discusses a project with the media, they are doing us a favour because they don’t have to say anything.

The recent delay of the sale of property may well be resolved by the time this paper goes to press. The public will find out in due time. We just have to be patient.

I shared a thought with Pastor Pat Duffin the other day. Like many, he enjoys Tim Hortons coffee and is anxious for the store to open.

Years ago, our local church leaders gathered at the empty Spaulding property lot and prayed for something good to happen at the location. Within a few years, Darrell Shewchuk constructed two nice buildings.

I suggested to Duffin our church leaders just might have to get together and gather at the Tim Hortons site. Just kidding!

I also remind the public of one final thought. There are also several fine restaurants in town serving quality products similar to Tim’s. Don’t forget their product and their service as you wait for Tim Hortons to open, and afterwards.

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