Cheque list goes by way of dinosaur

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Years ago, High Prairie town council decided to include the cheque listing in its agenda in an effort to be more accountable and transparent to the public.

Sept. 26, council voted unanimously to remove the cheque list from their agenda packages. The cheque list includes money spent by council not governed under secrecy legislation.

Councillor Michael Long brought forth the matter saying all matters in the list were previously approved by council.

“It brings up issues of FOIP [Freedom of Information and Protection],” he said. “We shouldn’t have it in here.”

“I agree,” said Councillor Debbie Rose.

“We put the cheque list in for transparency,” noted Councillor Brian Panasiuk. “The FOIP issue is more of an issue.”

Mayor Linda Cox and Councillor Brian Gilroy were absent.

Town administration wrote in a report to council they “could” run a certain level of risk by providing the list to the public.

Big Lakes County still provides the list in its agenda packages. When town council first decided to include the cheque listing, they applauded the county [then the M.D.] for its transparency.

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