Bullies have no place at Joussard School

Paris Gambler reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Paris Gambler
Joussard Reporter

Hello! This is Paris from Joussard, bringing you the news from our wonderful little school once again.

Our school has been focusing especially this week on being a bully-free school. With 125 students, this should be possible. Everyone has been thinking and talking about this and we all know that if each of us isn’t a bully, there won’t be any bullies. What a happy place to learn that would be!

We will keep working on this. Every person in our school donned a pink shirt on Feb. 27 to reflect our stand against bullying. A huge thank you goes to Lakeshore Regional Police for providing us with the shirts.

Our kindergarten children continue to learn about the letters of the alphabet and the numbers. They are getting pretty good at naming the letters and their sounds. This is what leads to reading! These little kids also told me about making slime in their STEM class. This, apparently, was lots of fun!

In Grade 1, our students have been learning all about long and short vowel sounds. Knowing these sounds makes reading and spelling much easier. The kids also reported they are learning to subtract in Math using pictures. In P.E. they are learning a balancing game and in STEM class, they built sculptures with straws and clay. Lots of learning in Grade 1!

Our Grade 2 students have been learning about solids, liquids and gases in Science. They made a connection between studying Metegan and Pink Shirt Day because they are both from Nova Scotia. In P.E., the students are polishing up their skating skills.

Students in Grade 3 have been very excited about their projects in Cree class. In learning about the trapping skills of First Nations people, the students have been assigned a project in which they have to build a trap and then demonstrate how it will work to catch an animal. The students can use any materials they want to build their traps. We have had some incredible thought and creativity go into trap building lately.

Our students in Grade 4 are so excited about Science in Motion. They will sit in on two presentations. The first is called “A Thriller Ride” and the other is called “Use the Force.” Both of these sound very interesting – we always enjoy our Science in Motion visits.

In Science, our Grade 5 students made their own crystals using hot water and Borax to cause a physical change. In Social Studies, they are learning about the game of lacrosse and the legends of the Oneida First Nations. During Math class, the students are learning about volume and got to build their own 3-D shapes. This made learning about volume so much more fun.

And, in Grade Six our students are involved in a Flight unit in Science and are currently learning the difference between airplanes and rocket ships. In Social Studies, they are learning about the representative democracy of Ancient Athens and are having lots of fun playing Capture the Flag in P.E.

This is my last report for our school. I have enjoyed being a reporter and visiting each classroom. Next week, you will meet a new reporter. Thanks for reading my reports.

Each morning, students in Shoba Jacob’s Grade 1 class display the Canadian flag, stand toward the flag, and sing O Canada. Holding the flag Feb. 28 were Beautiful Bellerose, left, and Marley Cunningham.
Everyone wears pink to show Joussard School chooses to be buddies, not bullies! Lakeshore Regional Police provided students and staff with the T-shirt Feb. 27 which were worn proudly.

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