Book fair raises $2,000+

Wapastim Isadore- Bellerose reports the news this week from Joussard School.
Wapastim Isadore-Bellerose
Joussard Reporter

Greetings from our little school in Joussard!

As I roamed around the school, talking to different people, I learned the following:

Kindergarten students are so busy learning the alphabet letters. One of the activities that is helping the little kids remember each letter is that they make paintings of them. This is learning made fun! The students also informed me they are learning to cooperate in the gym by playing “Fishy, Fishy in the Sea.”

In Grade 1, our students are very serious about their writing tasks because they are writing letters to Santa Claus. They will then take a trip to the post office, learn a bit how it works and mail their letters. Of course, the kids are all hoping that Santa will take the time to write them a letter back, even though it is his very busy time of year!

Our students in Grade 2 reported to me they are learning how to shoot a puck in their P.E. classes. They are very proud of their skills and love playing floor hockey.

In Grade 3, our students are also playing floor hockey in P.E. and are having a great time. Everyone is learning safety rules that go along with hockey so no one gets injured.

The Grade 3 students learned about Metis dancing and enjoyed watching the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers perform the Red River Jig.

Students in Grade 4 reported they have been busy learning about pollution in water and how ground water that has been polluted can harm living things. They also informed me they have been completing a writing activity about a clever crab. That should be interesting!

Our students in Grade 5 let me know they had a fabulous time during their land-based learning experience last week. They were especially impressed when Elder Ron Willier showed them a rabbit in a trap, took it out and skinned it in front of them with his hands – and with very few motions. This was amazing!

In Grade 6, our students loved an art activity that Jamie Chalifoux organized to celebrate Metis Week. Using acrylic paints and canvas, they produced pictures that look just like beading. The results are amazing!

We are all thrilled to announce our Joussard School Book Fair sold $2,068 worth of books. We are so impressed with our Joussard, Sucker Creek and Driftpile parents for investing so much money in the literacy of their children. This also proved to be fabulous in increasing the number of books in the school because every classroom got to choose $100 worth of books free. How about that!

Mariella Willier checks out the Book Fair merchandise. Our wonderful families spent over $2,000 in books for their homes!
Grade 6 student, Tannah Willier, concentrates carefully while applying acrylic dots to canvas. She produces a wonderful product that looks just like beadwork.


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