Big Lakes County news briefs from meeting June 27

Richard Froese
South Peace News

-Economic Development
Big Lakes County continues to progress on plans to form a new and official regional economic development alliance (REDA) for the local area.
Plans were discussed at the regular county council meeting June 27.
Big Lakes has taken that step after a meeting June 14 when the Alberta economic development and trade deputy minister confirmed that the Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance (LSLEA) is now longer supported as an official REDA, he says.
“Government no longer recognizes the LSLEA,” acting CAO Jordan Panasiuk says.
Big Lakes plans a meeting of the original members of the LSLEA in the next two months, says acting CAO Jordan Panasiuk.

-Airboat Radios
New radio equipment will be added to the airboat of Big Lakes County Fire Services to provide effective communications.
Council approved a recommendation to allow the fire services to access $11,000 from the fire equipment reserve fund to purchase and install equipment for the fireboat added to the Faust fire district in 2016.
Radios with headsets will also enable team members on the airboat to communicate clearly over the loud sound of the watercraft.

-Nygaard Leave
A second Big Lakes County councillor has been granted a short-term leave in the past month.
Council accepted a request from Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard to be excused from all council meetings from Sept. 23 to Nov. 15, a total of four meetings.
No reason was stated in the report to council from deputy CAO Jordan Panasiuk.

-Beaver bounty dammed
A bounty on beavers will not be introduced in Big Lakes County despite a request from a councillor.
Council received a report for information from agriculture fieldman Sheila Kaus who did not recommend a bounty.
“We have a trapper and a blaster with public works and so far it seems to be working well,” agricultural fieldman Sheila Kaus says.
“Last year wasn’t a good year and we have fewer complaints this year.”
Enilda – Big Meadow Councillor Donald Bissell suggested the county consider a bounty on beavers at a previous meeting and council directed staff to research a beaver bounty in other municipalities.

-Water concern in Enilda area
Concerns of flooding and drainage ditches south of Enilda were expressed by area farmer John Stokes as a delegation.
He states that the county has neglected to keep ditches and waterways clear of growth and debris.
Pumping treated wastewater from lagoons by the county has also caused problems, he says.


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