Bill an attempt to return gun registry – Viersen

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Another Liberal bill isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, says Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen.

Viersen says in a March 29 news release that the Liberals recently introduced Bill C-71, an Act to amend the rules in relation to firearms.

“This legislation does nothing to address violence in urban and rural communities, and introduces another wasteful and ineffective firearms registry,” he says.

Viersen charges that the Liberals are using a federal registrar to keep records on law-abiding firearms owners.

“This legislation is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to bring back the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry. The Liberals just can’t be trusted when it comes to firearms legislation.”

He adds his Conservative party believes that the safety of Canadians should be the first priority, and charges that the Liberals have not introduced a single bill regarding crime.

“Not one bill that will help families in rural Alberta feel safer at night,” he says. “Not one bill that protects them from those who conspire to rob and harm them. Not one bill that combats gang violence, gun violence and escalating crime rates in our rural communities.”

The legislation, he adds, is unfair.

“Conservatives will never support legislation that targets law-abiding firearms owners and treats them like criminals.”

The bill remains in debate.


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