Beaver bounty refused

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A bounty on beavers will not be introduced in Big Lakes County despite a request from a councillor.

At its regular meeting June 27, council received a report for information from agriculture fieldman Sheila Kaus, who did not recommend implementing a bounty on the busy critters.

“We have a trapper and a blaster with public works and so far it seems to be working well,” agricultural field- man Sheila Kaus says.

“Last year wasn’t a good year and we have fewer complaints this year.”

Enilda – Big Meadow Councillor Donald Bissell suggested the county consider a bounty on beavers at a previous meeting. Council directed staff to research a beaver bounty in other municipalities.

All but one councillor supported the status quo.

“We already have staff hired and if they’re doing a good job, we don’t need a bounty,” says Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard.

Bissell suggests the county have a bounty on beaver, to add to a bounty on wolves and wild boars.

A motion by South Sunset House – Gilwood Councillor Ann Stewart to direct staff to research more on the issue was opposed.

“It wouldn’t hurt to find out what other counties do,” Stewart says.

Kaus wrote in a report to council that a beaver bounty was dropped in Clear Hills County based in Worsley in February 2018.

“Administration could not positively confirm that beaver tails submitted for bounty were coming from the municipality and individuals were submitting 40 beaver tails at a time,” Kaus writes in her report.

Kinuso Councillor Ken Kinuso agreed it would be difficult to positively identify the tails are from beavers in the local county.

Saddle Hills County based in Spirit River has a bounty at $50 a tail.

The County of Northern Lights based in Manning has a bounty at $30 a tail.


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