Bad taste and odour of water down the drain

Richard Froese
South Peace News
An odour and taste of silt in drinking water in High Prairie has been resolved and dissolved.

“There should be noticeable improvement by now,” says Vern Walker, public works superintendent for the Town of High Prairie.

“The water is safe to drink, it just has an unusual taste and smell.”

He says the issue was compounded by weather and water used to fire fires.

Work crews were busy the past two weeks to eliminate the issues that started Aug. 15 after fire crews used a high volume of water to extinguish fires that struck two businesses.

“We flushed the system and pulled new water in,” Walker says.

“It has to work its way through the system and it takes time.”

He says the odour and smell were caused by a combination of a large draw of water for the fires and a thermal turnover.

“We know it was a thermal turnover,” Walker says.

Normally warm water is on the top and cooler water underneath.

“Warm weather causes the cooler water to rise and stir up the water,” Walker says.

Water at the treatment plant has no silt odour or taste, he says.

“It happens once in a while,” Walker says.

Some water with the odour and taste even flowed into Big Lakes County, initially into the Enilda area, he says.

County staff was busy working to clear up the issue.

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