Archery Club lessons begin at HPE

Kyla Klingsch

Kyla Klingsch
HPE Reporter

This is Kyla with the High Prairie Elementary School news for this week’s South Peace News report.

In Science, Grade 4S is learning to recognize light can be broken into light with prisms. In Social Studies, Metis Elder Jenny Laderoute will visit the class and tell students traditional stories. In Native Cultural Art, students are learning about rock pouch making, and learning the history and significance of the pouch.

In Math, 4S students are adding and subtracting with decimals; time calendar with an iPad app. L.A. time is being used for descriptive writing; the class is designing a new rubric for powerful descriptive writing.

For the month of April, Grade 5P students are going to be refining their mad scientist skills as they embark on a new science unit … Chemistry! 5C is very excited to invite their parents to a vignettes screening. The students will present the four historical vignettes they created showing different points in Canadian history. The students had fun researching, writing their own scripts and acting in their vignettes. They will also be inviting their 2CL Reading Buddies. A few of the 2CL students played extras in the vignettes.

Grade 5C students are very excited to start archery lessons during Phys. Ed. Teacher Brenda Coulombe, one of the certified teachers in the school, who is able to teach archery, will be focusing on safety, and accuracy skills. It is going to be lots of fun. So, if you see a sign on the gym door that says, “Archery in Progress” be very careful walking into the gym.

On April 16, HPE will be hosting the HPSD Divisional Hand Games Tournament. There are schools entered from across HPSD. There will again be two categories, Elementary and Junior/Senior.

Cree Elder Herman Sutherland will again be officiating and drumming. We are very honoured and excited to again have him at our tournament.

The Grade 5s of HPE will again be going to Land-Based Learning at Sucker Creek First Nations, the week of April 16-17. This time the students will be learning about plants and how the First Nations Peoples used them in the past and how they are still used in the present.

Don’t forget that April 12 is a HPSD Divisional PD Day. The staff will again be getting together with their counterparts from across HPSD to learn together.

The Archery Club at HPE has started up again. Every Thursday for the months of April and May the club will be meeting from 3:30-4:30 p.m. to learn and hone their archery skills. The first 28 students who registered will be practicing their skills with the five certified archery coaches. So, if you see a sign on the gym door that says “Archery in Progress” be very careful walking into the gym.

Have a great week and check in with us after the break to see what’s happening at HPE!

Abby Bilyk, left, and Gabrielle Chalifoux show the crystals they made in Chemistry class at High Prairie Elementary School. They did an experiment to show that diluted crystals can be restored.

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